2023 Salad Subscription

2023 Salad Subscription

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With a one-size-fits-all approach, Rising Roots is offering a vegetable subscription that meets all your salad needs! For $25 per week, you'll get a box of salad ingredients delivered right to your door, for you to chop up, throw in a bowl and drizzle with salad dressing; An easy, quick and healthy way to enjoy local, sustainable and delicious produce grown right in Embro, ON. For people short on time, this is the subscription for you! One box will make about 2 hearty salads or 3-4 smaller salads. 

Our community has been amazing this summer by helping me create a subsidized option. This means that any donations made to the farm will be used to cover the cost of another’s subscription. Prices for everything keep going up and everyone should still have access to healthy, fresh vegetables. If you’d like to know more about this option, or to donate, please contact me by emailing risingrootsfarm88@gmail.com 

Each box will include 7-10 different vegetable varieties, and a bottle of salad dressing (rotating flavours)! The vegetables throughout the summer will be seasonal, meaning that the produce at the beginning of the summer will most likely be very different than at the end of the summer. In June, you’ll see vegetables such as radishes, spinach and peas; In September, you’ll receive vegetables such as sweet corn, squash and onion. 

Rising Roots is offering: 
- The 5 week Fall subscription which will run from September 14th to October 12th with deliveries being made every Wednesday afternoon! 

The image shown above is an example of what one week could look like, including:

  1. Spinach
  2. A Head of Lettuce
  3. Snap Peas
  4. Radishes
  5. Carrots
  6. Green Onions
  7. The Spring Vinaigrette Dressing

*Delivery and Salad Dressings are included in the $25 per week price.*

*These subscriptions are only available for people living in the areas of Embro, Woodstock, Beachville, Ingersoll and Innerkip.*