What will a box look like?

Each box will include 7-10 different vegetable varieties, and a bottle of salad dressing (rotating flavours)! The vegetables throughout the summer will be seasonal, meaning that the produce at the beginning of the summer will most likely be very different than at the end of the summer. In June, you’ll see vegetables such as radishes, spinach and peas; In September, you’ll receive vegetables such as sweet corn, squash and onion. 

When can I expect my food box to be delivered?

Food boxes will be delivered right to your doorstep every Wednesday afternoon.

Are the food boxes available for different regions?

For the 2022 season, shares will be delivered to the areas of Embro, Hickson, Woodstock, Ingersoll and Innerkip. Please contact me at risingrootsfarm88@gmail.com if you are interested in a subscription and unsure if we deliver to your area. 

CSA/Food Box Disclaimer

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a production model where customers buy shares of a farm’s harvest in advance. Customers become CSA members by paying the agreed amount upfront, allowing the farmer to buy the seeds, tools and equipment needed for the season. By paying at the beginning of the season, CSA members share in the risk of production, where weather, seed failure and other problems could occur.

CSA members receive a box of fresh picked vegetables every week, eating healthy, sustainably grown food, having the knowledge of where it came from and who the grower is.

Becoming a CSA member is not for everyone, however, due to the fact that you cannot choose what comes in your box and will most likely receive vegetables you are not familiar with. For people who enjoy surprises, CSA’s are made for you! They allow you to mix up your nutrition intake and create meals that are new and exciting.