Meet the Farmer

How I got here is a long and interesting story so I’ll try and keep it as brief as possible. I completed my undergraduate degree where I became heavily invested in Indigenous rights and Climate Change mitigation. I felt as though no one was taking responsibility for these issues and I began to feel hopeless and heartbroken. I realized that I needed a break and decided to do something hands-on where I felt I could make a difference. After my final exams, I hopped on a plane and landed in Australia. During my trip, I stayed with the Nicholson family who taught me how to build a rammed earth house, grow my own food, how they live off-the-grid and so much more. I began to feel the sense of accomplishment I had been wanting so badly in my university program. Filled with passion to make a change in the world they showed me how much of an impact you can make in your own personal life. I appreciate the Nicholson family so much for all their help, advice and guidance; they truly changed my life.

The skills I have learned from 2014 until now have led me to the moment of creating this farm. The Rising Roots Farm is a creation that stems from the many emotions I have felt in the past 6 years: sadness, fear, desperation, as well as hope, passion and healing. I am now working on my Masters in Global Governance, working on Food security and Ecological Farming. Although it may seem unrelated, Rising Roots Farm allows me to connect my two worlds of academia and hands-on work. I am able to share healthy food, while also building a community and business founded on Human Rights values and Climate Change solutions. Join me as I share how these world’s intersect and as I continue to learn and build on the skills I’ve only just begun mastering!